Course Summary & Instructor Video

LockOut/TagOut - Course Summary & Instructor Video

This section provides a summary of topics covered in the online training program for lock-out and tag-out systems within an organization.  

Please review the following topics for taking the online exam. By reviewing these topics, it will dramatically improve your knowledge of lock-out and tag-out requirements for your organization and improve your chances of passing the exam.

  • Familiarize yourself with all Company Policies and Procedures
  •  Understand the difference between Kinetic and Potential Energy
  • Learn about the four main sources of energy (Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Pressure)
  • Understand when to Lock-out, when to Tag-out, and when to apply both
  • Remember to inform all affected employees when locking out equipment
  • Always take the time to adequately prepare for the shut down of equipment
  • Always obtain permission to lock out equipment
  • Use a checklist to prevent accidents
  • Shut down equipment using the normal shut down procedures
  • Always isolate and disconnect the energy sources
  • Use the appropriate and approved lock-out device for the task
  • Always take the key with you after applying a lock
  • Always ensure that the potential (stored) energy has been controlled
  • Always double check that the lock-out was successful and monitor it continuously
  • Do not leave the lock-out site at a shift change until your replacement has applied their lock
  • Always remember to remove your lock upon completion of your work or shift
  • Never lend your lock or key out, and never remove someone else's lock

Video PowerPoint Presentation

This training presentation provides a quick overview of all the topics covered in the online lock-out and tag-out course. It is a great tool to help refresh your understanding and knowledge before taking the online exam.

Instructions - Viewing the Online Training Presentation

You can view the training presentation by simply clicking on the video. You can also use the more advanced features located at the bottom bar of the video including:

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LockOut/TagOut - Video Presentation

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