Defining Lock-Out & Tag-Out

Defining Lock-Out & Tag-Out


Did you know that thousands of people are injured or killed each year while working on or near industrial equipment that was not locked out, or due to lack of knowledge with regards to lock out procedures.  According to the latest statistics, every 10 minutes, two people are killed and an additional 170 people suffer disabling injuries as a result of accidents occurring at the worksite.noname_1602173032594

In today’s workplace, lock-out and tag-out Systems prevent and reduce the potential of severe workplace accidents related to accidental start-up of machinery.  The accidents related to lock-out and tag-out situations are caused by uncontrolled movement due to energized machinery or equipment that has stored potential energy. 


The unfortunate part is that following a few simple procedures and using a little common sense could have prevented most of these accidents. The course is designed to help educate workers regarding the potential dangers found in their workplace and to further protect workers and visitors from accidents that may occur while in the vicinity of industrial equipment and machinery.

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