At NTS, we specialize in providing employers with high quality and affordable safety training solutions. By properly training employees - it dramatically reduces the risk of workplace injury, increases business productivity, develops positive relationships and increases morale and job performance.

Why National Training Solutions

As your training partner, we deliver the following services to our customers:

  • Cost effective training programs which increase overall employee safety
  • Training programs which are delivered on-site within your facility
  • Flexible training dates to accommodate your ever changing needs
  • Access to experts to help you  improve overall  employee safety


Learn more about our COVID-19 protocols.


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Aerial Manlifts: /courses/aerial_manlifts

Confined Spaces: /courses/confined_spaces

Fall Protection: /courses/fall_protection

Forklift Operator: /courses/forklift_operator

Lock-Out & Tag-Out Course: /online_training/lockout

Low Lift Trucks: /courses/low_lift_truck

Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks: /courses/narrow_lift_trucks

Overhead Crane & Rigging: /courses/overhead_crane

Propane Handling: /courses/propane_handling

Skid Steer Operator: /courses/skid_steer

WHIMIS: /courses/whimis

Working at Heights: /courses/working_heights


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Our Training Programs

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