Our Vision

To provide exceptional training and consulting services that concentrate on improving health and safety in the work place, increasing performance levels, and upgrading quality levels. Our unique hands on style is held in high regard by our clients, as we go beyond the generic-type training by tailoring our training to match the specific needs of your company.


Our Specialty

National Training Solutions is a training and consulting firm that specializes in a variety of industrial health and safety programs, general interest programs, and performance packages. Established in November of 1995, we have quickly become a recognized force in the training and consulting industry due to our commitment to quality, and our unsurpassed dedication to our customers.

Our programs are not just built on the single premise of reducing the frequency and severity of accidents, but with the intent of:

  • Protecting the company’s reputation
  • Securing a Due Diligence Defense for the Company
  • Increasing employee morale
  • Reducing Turnover
  • Reducing Disability costs
  • Creating a marketable competitive edge for the Company



Randy Latendre
President, NTS

Our Team

At NTS, we pride ourselves on the high level of quality of our training and consulting. Each of our trainers are:

  • Specialists in their fields
  • Possess certifications
  • Excellent communicators
  • Experts in compliance

Our trainers are also put through a rigorous in-depth training program that ensures quality, commitment, dedication to our clients, and attention to detail.

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