Confined Spaces

Course Overview

This course identifies the various types of confined spaces as well as the various control measures to ensure a safe working environment. Proper use of protective clothing and equipment is illustrated and emergency rescue techniques are demonstrated.

Due to the nature of the confined space working environment, the various hazards are covered in detail, and the steps needed to form a well organized control team are presented. At the option of your company, we can also train and provide entry permit and their respective requirements.


  • 6-8 hours on site training and instruction.

Course Topics

Working Safely in Confined Spaces

This program concentrates on safe work practices that may be unique to confined spaces. Avoiding the common hazards such as falls, noise, and temperature extremes. Proper purging and ventilation techniques are covered, as well as the proper use of protective equipment.

Confined Space Rescue

Orientation of the confined space entry areas plays an essential role in ensuring safety in the work place. Technical rescue techniques and developing an effective rescue team are covered in detail, as well as the psychological impact that working in a confined space and possible rescue attempts may present.

Confined Space Permit Requirements

Proper procedures for identifying confined spaces and securing them for safe entry. Techniques for developing a written program for performing the actual entry procedure are covered, and the importance of authorized entry permits to prevent tragic confined space accidents are stressed.

Confined Space Hot Work

Special safety equipment and clothing are be required for many types of confined space environments. In addition, fire watch procedures, Hot work permits, and special emergency rescue programs are set up to protect both your workers and your facility.

Confined Space Non-Entry Rescue

The hidden dangers of confined spaces are plentiful. It may be necessary to arrange an external rescue team compiled of trained attendants to organize a safe retrieval system. The responsibilities of the attendant are discussed in detail, with an emphasis on teamwork between the entrant and the attendant.

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